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The Islam: a theory pretending to explain the world

Allah on the test bench

Statement 1

The philosophical weakness of the Islam is compensated by threads and violence against competitors.


Statement 2

To combat the violence of Islam-groups with anti-violence (as the Americans do: American Army against f.i. the Taliban) is a wrong and unsuccessfull strategy, only providing the Islam-groups with more fanatic fighters.


Statement 3

Using arguments, showing the weakness of the Islam-theory, is the best strategy against the violent Islam. As soon as Islam-believers begin to see a piece of truth, contradicting to a central teaching of the Islam, they will let fall the wrong belief, will drop their weapons and will show a rational behaviour.



It is well known, that another religious theory, the Buddhism, sees our life embedded in a chain of earlier and later lifes. It teaches, that we have movies and pictures in our memory, showing pieces of earlier lifes. It teaches that world laws are directing the events in the chain of lifes. Laws, not a dominant person!

It teaches, that persons, emerging in a new life, have always been there, while the Islam teaches, that an emerging person has been created short before by a dominant person. Both theories cannot be true! Only one can be true! If we can proof the one of them, the other is wrong. O.K.? 


Now, does Buddhism not teach, that we have short movies of certain earlier-life-situations in in our memory?  If we find that this is a fact, than this is a hint, that the chain of lifes is also a fact and that the creation-theory is wrong. While this is not yet a proof, it is well a firm hint.


Do many of us have memories of earlier-life-situations?

Millions and millions of people confirm this. They do have such memories. That is a fact. And many more, who are not yet aware of their own memories, roaming in their underconsciousness, can bring these memories to the surface by meditation, concentration on thought flashes and by other special technologies. These memories are a firm fact.

But is this already a proof?  Not yet. Because the memories, related to earlier lifes, could be fake. They could be an illusion. Thus we have to proof scientifically, that some selected memories are real memories. Is that possible?

The remembered stories describe situations including objects and persons in ancient villages or towns, which could still exist (1). Or situations on the battle-field (2). Or situations in nature in the presence of a predator animal (3).

Let us focus on case (1), on a situation not too long ago! In some instances objective testing by scientists is possible.


And has been done! In many cases the conclusion of the scientists was: “The story is true! The memories are right, while there is no other way, through which the describing person could know about the events than by having been witness or actor in it. This was in an earlier life.” There are lots of books, full of proven stories. TV-series over proven stories have been broadcasted.


And there is one most famous story:

In a village A in India a boy was murdered by a neighbour. The victim was found, but not the murderer. The police could not find witnesses. A cold case, 7 years long! Then a 6 years old boy, born in the village B, 30 km away, visited the village A, saw the neighbour, remembered and cried:  “He has murdered me 7 years ago!” The police got active, arrested the neighbour and examined him.

The boy, only 6 years old, was able to describe the crime precisely, including the murder weapon and where the murderer had digged it in. The police digged, found the weapon, confronted the murderer with the facts, already known from the investigations 7 years ago, and with the new facts now. The murderer confessed!

Conclusion 1:  The murder-story is true. The young boy had an earlier life. He was not created by a dominant person short before starting the life of today. Conclusion 2: the creation-teaching of the Islam is a phantasy. Creation is an illusion. We are not created. Instead we go through life after life, and have done so earlier. The Islam-theory of a dominant person, creating persons, is wrong.


In the light of this now proven fact we remember all the strange things about the dominant person of the Islam:

He is said to be almighty, but needs fighters with kalaschnikows to extent his influence region for a bit, never succeeding really. Is this almightiness? Nowadays he is working more with explosives, carried by suicide-terrorists to his enemies to make them die. Is this almightiness?

He is said to be a good person, but is sending earthquake after earthquake to cause incredible pain. In this Allah-story nothing is consistant. Thus, if you have got it, if you can see now, that the Allah-story doesn’t explain the world, please stop fighting for this phantasy-figure! It’s not worth a single shot.


Summary: Allah cannot create persons. Allah is not almighty. Allah is a small and violent Sharia-God, cutting off hands and heads, stoning women.


Statement 4

In order to reach a lot of people, the arguments should be adapted to the patience and to the capacity of the people, comprizing not more than 2 pages.


Violent-Islam Discussion-Group

within the World-Theories Discussion-Group

PS.  In the world explanation of the Buddhists we find strong points, backed by experience: f.i. the chain of lifes. Not backed by experience is the Karma-teaching of Buddhism, introducing guilt to explain the bad. A better theory to explain the constant return of good and bad is the balance-theory of good and bad.

Freedom of meaning, article 7, fundamental law, constitution.

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